Let’s talk about Europe. Why Europeanization shows a different face in different newspapers (2009)


This article contributes to the ongoing quest for a European public sphere understood as a structural transformation of national public debates. This process of Europeanization of national public spheres has a vertical and a horizontal dimension: an increased focus on the EU as well as more attention to other European countries. A content analysis of quality newspapers in five EU member states covering a period of 20 years reveals common trends across different countries but no convergence over time. Four different patterns of Europeanization can be identified: comprehensive Europeanization, segmented Europeanization, Europeanization aloof from the EU and a parochial public sphere. This article pushes research in this area ahead by identifying and testing factors that explain these differences in newspaper coverage. In-depth case analysis as well as regression analysis show that the editorial mission of a newspaper and the size of the member state it is situated in have a significant effect on patterns of Europeanization. Contrary to common expectations, the number of correspondents in Brussels and the degree of popular identification with Europe did not significantly affect patterns of Europeanization.

Brüggemann, Michael; Kleinen-v. Königslöw, Katharina (2009): Let´s Aalk About Europe. Why Europeanization Shows a Different Face in Different Newspapers. In European Journal of Communication 24 (1), pp. 27–48. Available online at https://doi.org/10.1177%2F0267323108098944.