Informing European citizens? Evaluating the activities of the European Commission in the field of Information (2006)


This cost-benefit study assesses the different programmes and actions in the area of information carried out by the European Commission and financed by the Community budget over the period 2000-05. Using the criteria of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and utility (as set out in the terms of reference provided by the European Parliament), the study shows that the overall assessment in terms of ‘value for money’ is positive. However, there is still room for improvement concerning all the actions. The study covers the following aspects: 1) The audiovisual sector, including co-productions (APCAV), the Commission’s Audiovisual Service (EbS and the running of studios) and contracts with Euronews, 2) the EUROPA website, 3) written publications, 4) the Europe Direct call centre, 5) Eurobarometer and 6) information outlets.

Kurpas, Sebastian; Clerck-Sachsse, Julia de; Brüggemann, Michael (2006): Informing European Citizens? Evaluating the Activities of the European Commission in the field of Information (Study commissioned by the European Parliament Budget Committee, 31 August 2006). Available online at